Program 688: Maeve Higgins’ County Cork; Southwest England; Glasgow Cool

Release Date: 09-10-2022


Humorist Maeve Higgins recommends places to visit in her home turf of Ireland's County Cork. Then tour guides from southwest England share their expert advice on where best to enjoy the coastal beauty of Cornwall and Devon — and the tourist traps to avoid. And guides from Scotland describe what makes Glasgow such a cool city to explore.


  • Humorist Maeve Higgins, author of "Tell Everyone On This Train I Love Them" (Penguin)
  • British tour guides Tom Hooper and Mark Seymour
  • Scottish tour guides Liz Lister and Colin Mairs

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Program Extras

More with Maeve Higgins - Maeve Higgins reveals to Rick that, while Fungi the pet dolphin of Dingle has gone missing, Cork has its own marine animal mascot, a walrus. (runs 2:56)

More with Tom Hooper and Mark Seymour - Tour guides Tom Hooper and Mark Seymour tell Rick that the legend of the Holy Grail in Southwest England, might be plausible. If Jesus’s uncle ever traveled there. (runs 1:10)