Program 721: The French; Hidden Gardens in Paris

Release Date: 07-15-2023


The authors of "The Bonjour Effect" explain how many of the problems foreigners encounter in France are a disconnect with how the French expect you to communicate. Author Susan Cahill reveals some of her favorite garden spots in Paris and get a whiff of its colorful history. 


  • Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoit Nadeau, authors of "The Bonjour Effect" (St. Martin's Press)
  • Susan Cahill, author of "Hidden Gardens of Paris" and "Sacred Paris" (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  • Franco-American Mary Campbell Bouron

Additional Info

  • Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow are the authors of "The Bonjour Effect" and "The Story of French." Their bestseller, "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" is being updated, and will be available from their website.
  • The movie clip with Matt Damon and Cate Blanchette at the end of the first segment, is from the movie "The Monuments Men," which Rick talked about on Travel with Rick Steves program 353 in February, 2014. 
  • Susan Cahill is the author of "Hidden Gardens of Paris." Her latest Paris guide, "Sacred Paris," explores the city's significant religious architecture.
  • You can listen to Susan Cahill's earlier Travel with Rick Steves interview about "Sacred Paris," plus Mary Campbell Bouron's update on raising a family in France, in the show archives for program 697 from December 2022.
  • Mary also spoke with Rick on program 308 on "How to Walk Like a Parisian," and explains how to live in Paris, on a blog site she wrote in 2012 called "How To Marry A Frenchman."

Program Extras

More with Mary Campbell Bouron - Mary Campbell Bouron shares observations about being an American ex-pat mother in Paris, including a memorable experience on a city bus, when she was expecting her first child. (runs 3:49)