Early 2015 Tours Are Here!

Ten fun ways to experience the best of off-season Europe

We're gearing up for our complete launch of 2015 tour dates in the second half of August (we'll email all Tour News subscribers as soon as that happens). You can't wait? There's hope: Our popular off-season tours (February–March 2015) are ready for you to book TODAY!

Use this page as your early 2015 travel dreamer, where you can connect with nearly 40 money-saving departures spread across 10 all-season Rick Steves itineraries: Barcelona–Madrid, London, Paris, Rome, Venice–Florence–Rome, Heart of Italy, Sicily, Greece, Istanbul, and Turkey.  

Book a 2015 tour now and save $100 per seat!

An off-season Rick Steves tour: Now there's a cool bargain.

Best of Barcelona & Madrid in 8 Days Tour

$1995–$2295 + air

Rick Steves Best of Barcelona & Madrid tour combines Spain's top cities to create a sparkling, full-bodied eight-day adventure. First, you'll experience the pride and energy of Barcelona — rambling on the Ramblas, digging into delicious seafood, and marveling at architecture and art by Gaudí and Picasso. Then, we'll hop a high-tech train to Madrid for its terrific tapas, masterpiece-packed Prado Museum — and a day in historic Toledo. You'll come home with more memories than you ever thought possible in a week-long getaway. Learn more…

Best of London in 7 Days Tour

$1995–$2195 + air

London has just what you need for a quick escape: direct flights, the best live theater scene on the planet, an inviting pub on every corner, and the simple pleasure of conversing with Europeans with (almost) no language barrier. During your week in London, your Rick Steves guide will lead you on a magical history tour through the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, Churchill War Rooms, and plenty of priceless art — and even take you on a train trip to Windsor Castle. Learn more…

Best of Paris in 7 Days Tour

$1695–$1995 + air

Paris is synonymous with the finest things that culture can offer — in art, fashion, food, literature, and ideas. On this tour, your Paris-savvy Rick Steves guide will immerse you in the very best of the City of Light: the Louvre, Orsay, Orangerie, and Cluny museums, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, and Versailles Palace. You'll also enjoy guided neighborhood walks through the city's historic heart, and quieter moments to slow down and savor the city's intimate cafés, colorful markets, and joie de vivre. Learn more…

Best of Rome in 7 Days Tour

$1495–$1795 + air

Rome serves up Europe's most intoxicating brew of dazzling art, earth-shaking history, and city life with style. On this tour, your guide will resurrect the grandeur of Ancient Rome's Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, and nearby Ostia Antica. From the Renaissance and Baroque eras, you'll marvel at St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and Borghese Gallery. You'll also enjoy today's Rome, with a cooking demonstration, neighborhood walking tours, memorable restaurants, and time to explore on your own. Learn more…

Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days Tour

$2495–$2795 + air


The Rick Steves Best of Venice, Florence & Rome tour begins with Venice's timeless St. Mark's Square and Basilica, then on to Michelangelo's stunning David and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and ends with Rome's Ancient Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican Museum, and Sistine Chapel. You'll also enjoy guided neighborhood walks, memorable meals, and full-bodied Italian wines. Italy's three greatest cities are like fine gelato — why settle for just one flavor if you can get three scoops at once? Learn more…

Heart of Italy in 9 Days Tour

$2395 + air

Tight on time? This tour is Rick's personal "best of" distillation of our Best of Italy tour. Beginning with the "must see" sights of the Eternal City of Rome, your Rick Steves guide will help you experience the very heart of this remarkable country: the Tuscan hill-town ambiance of Volterra, the pedestrian-friendly streets of Lucca, harbor-hugging villages of the Italian Riviera, and the amazing art of Renaissance Florence. Along the way, you'll enjoy Italy's distinctive culture, wine, and cuisine. Learn more…

Best of Sicily (Off-Season) in 11 Days Tour

$1995–$2195 + air


Rick Steves' most popular off-season tour immerses you in the culture, cuisine, and history of Sicily. On your spring or autumn ramble across the island, your Rick Steves guide will introduce you to the tasty pleasures of local fruits, pastries, and traditional cooking, Italy's brightest pottery and boldest wines, Europe's most amazing ancient Greek ruins, the steamy power of Mount Etna, and picture-perfect hilltop villages. Learn more…

Athens & the Heart of Greece in 14 Days Tour

$3195 + air

The Rick Steves Athens & the Heart of Greece tour is an odyssey of time-travel thrills, from Athens' majestic Acropolis to the must-see ancient sites of Delphi, Olympia, Epidavros, and Mycenae. With knowledge and a nudge from your Rick Steves guide, you'll walk among marble monuments where Plato pondered, splash in the turquoise Aegean where Odysseus sailed, gaze up at god-dwelling mountains, sample family-crafted olives and wines — and maybe learn to play backgammon at a whitewashed taverna on the island of Hydra. Learn more…

Best of Istanbul in 7 Days Tour

$1795 + air

Istanbul is one of the world's greatest cities, period. And this tour takes you through doorways that only an Istanbul insider can open — your Turkish Rick Steves guide. You'll ponder great faiths in the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. You'll marvel at the legendary Topkapı Palace, the colorful Grand Bazaar, and the exotic Egyptian Spice Market. And you'll enjoy the outdoors on a scenic cruise up the Bosphorus, and guided walking tours of Istanbul's Old Town, New District, and historic city walls. Learn more…

Best of Turkey in 13 Days Tour

$2295 + air


The Rick Steves Best of Turkey tour combines the convenience of European travel with the rich traditions of the Middle East. You'll marvel at Istanbul's Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar, Cappadocia's "fairy-chimney" landscape, the Ancient Greek sites of Ephesus and Aphrodisias, and the azure water of the Mediterranean. You'll also experience legendary Turkish hospitality first-hand, from artisans to imams. If you're looking for different travel delights — and a broader world perspective — you'll find it here. Learn more…