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    Favorite "Wow!" Moments

    All our tours are packed full of amazing experiences, but some moments really knock the socks off our tour members. From hiking in the Alps to hanging out with sheepdogs, learn more about our tour members' favorite "wow!" moments with this colorful slideshow. Let's go!


  • Mont St Michel

    Overnight on Mont St-Michel

    "Staying the night at Mont St-Michel was magical. The packs of tourists were gone and we had the town to ourselves. Getting up before dawn to hear the monks and the nuns sing their morning prayers was a beautiful gift to us."

    — Lynn, Paris & the Heart of France in 11 Days Tour

  • Cooking in Tuscany

    "My absolute favorite experience was the agriturismo cooking experience. The whole group had a lot of fun spending three hours preparing our fantastic lunch. Much laughter! The food was amazing, and we learned so much from our host both as a chef and as a person committed to the slow food movement."

    — Elizabeth, Village Italy in 14 Days Tour

  • Cows in Engelberg, Switzerland

    Hiking in the Swiss Alps

    "My favorite 'wow' moment was stopping to hang out with the cows in the Swiss Alps during an incredibly picturesque hike. The views were spectacular (it was impossible to take a bad picture) and hearing the cow bells (more cowbell) as we hiked with mountains in the backdrop was majestic. The whole experience was unexpected and truly incredible."

    — Derek, Best of Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 14 Days Tour

  • Cork farm, Alentejo region, Portugal

    Cork Farm Visit

    "The Cork farm tour near Evora was amazing! The sustainability farming practices, the visit throughout the farm being towed by a tractor, and then the opportunity to have lunch with one of the family members who helps run the farm made for a remarkable and insightful day!"

    — Stacy, Heart of Portugal in 12 Days Tour

  • View of the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

    Sunset View of the Alhambra

    "My 'wow' moment was dining on the patio of our restaurant on the Albayzin hill, with a breathtaking view of the Alhambra at sunset. The dinner, the wine, and the view were unforgettable."

    — Wendy, Best of Spain in 14 Days Tour

  • friends-at-plitvice-in-croatia

    Hiking in Plitvice National Park

    "Plitvice Lakes National Park was a totally 'wow' experience of nature and waterfalls. I could have spent the entire day there."

    — Doreen, Best of the Adriatic in 14 Days Tour

  • Tyn Llwyfan Farm, Wales

    Welsh Sheep Farm Visit

    "I loved Wales, especially the trip to Garett's family sheep farm. The sense of continuity through hundreds of years, the connection to the Welsh land and culture…it was deeply moving and fun."

    — Laurie, Best of England in 14 Days Tour

  • Sognefjord cliffs, Norway

    Ferry Ride in the Fjords

    "My 'wow' moment would have to be our first sight of the fjords above Aurland at Stegastein viewpoint. 'Wow!' hardly describes the beauty! We had a spectacular, sunny day and that first view was amazing. It continued in 'Wow mode' on the unforgettable ferry ride from Flam."

    — Susan, Best of Scandinavia in 14 Days Tour

  • Hanging Out with Sheepdogs

    "Loved the tour to the working sheep farm with the shepherd, working border collies, goats, shearing a sheep. Incredible how this shepherd is able to communicate with each dog to herd 300 sheep."

    — Susan, Best of Scotland in 13 Days

  • Venice Gondola Ride

    "My 'wow' moment was when our guide organized our gondola ride with a live musician and a singer! Hearing the music echoing in the canals of Venice was priceless!"

    — Loretta, Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days Tour

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