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Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in Iceland

  • Before planning a trip around a festival, verify the festival dates at the festival's website or with a local tourist information office. For more information about these and other events, visit the official tourism site for Iceland.
  • This list includes selected festivals, plus national holidays observed in Iceland. Many sights and banks close down on national holidays — keep this in mind when planning your itinerary. Note that this isn't a complete list; holidays can strike without warning.
  • See upcoming holidays and festivals across Europe


July 29–31:  Þjóðhátíð National Festival, Herjólfsdalur, Westman Islands (fireworks, bonfires, singing)

July 29–31:  Innipukinn Music Festival, Reykjavík (indie rock)

August 1:  Commerce Day, a.k.a. "Shop Workers' Day Off"

August 2–7:  Reykjavík Pride

August 13–19:  Reykjavík Jazz Festival

August 20:  Culture Night, Reykjavík (free admission to museums, other free events)

September:  Réttir (sheep roundup across Iceland)

September 29–October 9:  Reykjavík International Film Festival

October 9:  John Lennon's birthday and lighting of Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island, Reykjavík

November 2–5:  Iceland Airwaves music festival, Reykjavík

November 26–December 18 (weekends):  Christmas market in Heiðmörk woods (near Reykjavík)

Late November–December 23:  Christmas Village, Hafnarfjörður

Mid-December:  Yule Lads Bath, Mývatn Nature Bath (Christmas festival with swimming yule lads)

December 23:  St. Þorlákur's Day (Christmas shopping, evening strolling, traditional meals of fermented skate)

December 24:  Christmas Eve (businesses close at noon)

December 25–26:  Christmas Day and Second Day of Christmas (closures)

December 31:  New Year's Eve (bonfires, fireworks, businesses close at noon)


January 1:  New Year's Day (closures)

January 6:  Thirteenth Day of Christmas (Epiphany; bonfires and fireworks)

Mid-January–mid-February​:  Þorri (midwinter celebration from old Norse calendar)

January 24–28 (likely):  Dark Music Days, Reykjavík (contemporary music festival)

January 28–February 5 (likely):  Reykjavík International Games

February 2–5 (likely):  Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival

February 10–11 (likely):  Art in the Light, Seyðisfjörður

February 28–March 2:  Carnival (Bun Day, a.k.a. Bolludagur, on Monday; Blast Day, a.k.a. Sprengidagur, on Tuesday; parades and costumes on Ash Wednesday, a.k.a. Öskudagur)

April 6–10:  Easter weekend (Maundy Thursday through Easter Monday; closures)

April 11 (likely):  Reykjavík Blues Festival

April 14–15 (likely):  Aldrei Fór Ég Suður music festival, Ísafjörður, Westfjords

April 18–23:  Children's Culture Festival, Reykjavík

April 20:  Sumardagurinn fyrsti (first day of summer on old Norse calendar; parades, sports, closures)

May 1:  Labor Day (closures)

May 3–7:  DesignMarch, Reykjavík (design festival)

May 18:  Ascension (closures)

May 28 & 29:  Whitsunday and Whit Monday (closures)

June 4:  Fishermen's Day (maritime festivals across Iceland; Reykjavík celebrates the Festival of the Sea all weekend)

June 14–18 (likely):  Viking Festival, Hafnarfjörður

June 17:  Icelandic National Day (parades, theater; closures)

June 22–24:  Arctic Open, Akureyri (golf tournament)

June 23–July 2 (likely):  Reykjavík Fringe Festival (eclectic performances)

June 30–July 3 (likely):  Goslok Festival, Vestmannaeyjar (commemorates end of 1973 volcanic eruption)

July 2–8 (likely):  Icelandic horse convention, Reykjavík

July 5–9 (likely):  Siglufjörður Folk Festival (Icelandic, Scandinavian, and world music)

July 16–17 (likely):  Medieval Trading Weekend, Gásir (near Akuyreri, recreation of a medieval trading village)