• Bruges, Belgium


Belgium falls through the cracks. Wedged between Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and famous for waffles, Smurfs, and a statue of a little boy peeing, it's no wonder it can get lost in the mix. But Belgium rewards with richer sights than you might expect — and fewer tourist crowds. You'll encounter some of Europe's finest cuisine, including the best beer, creamiest chocolates, and tastiest French fries. Belgium's town squares bristle with soaring spires and warm-brick gables. Its museums house lush paintings celebrating the glories of everyday life. From funky urban neighborhoods to tranquil convents, from old-fashioned lace to high-powered European politics, little Belgium delights.


At a Glance

▲▲▲ Bruges Perfectly pickled Gothic city with charming cobbles, cozy squares, dreamy canals, divine chocolate, and unbeatable beer.

▲▲ Brussels Urbane capital of Belgium, the European Union, and NATO, with one of Europe's grandest squares, colorful urban zones, and a beloved statue of a little boy peeing.

▲▲ Antwerp Gentrified port city with excellent museums, Belgium's best fashion, and an engaging mix of urban grittiness and youthful trendiness.

▲ Ghent Pleasant, lively university city with historic quarter and breathtaking Van Eyck altarpiece in its massive cathedral.

Flanders Fields Infamous WWI battlefields near Ypres with artillery craters, memorials, and cemeteries amid pastoral pastures and fine museums.

Damme Charming market town a bike ride away from Bruges.