• Bay of Kotor


One of Europe's youngest nations awaits you just south of the Croatian border, with dramatic scenery, a refreshing rough-around-the-edges appeal, and the excitement of a new independence. Crossing the border, you know you've left sleek, prettified-for-tourists Croatia for a place that's gritty, raw, and a bit exotic.

At a Glance

▲▲ Bay of Kotor Steep bay with fjord-like inlets, visit-worthy towns and sights, and the remarkably fortified Old Town of Kotor.

Montenegrin Interior Rugged mountain road leading up the cliffs into the Montenegrin heartland, ending at the historic capital of Cetinje.

Budva Riviera Glitzy emerging beach resort zone.


  • Boat on Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
  • Cetinje Monastery, Montenegro
  • Kotor View, Montenegro
  • Budva Beach, Montenegro