• Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina


While few travelers experience it for themselves, Bosnia-Herzegovina has long been — and remains — a remarkable place, with a unique mix of cultures and faiths, kind and welcoming people who pride themselves on their hospitality, and some of the most captivating sightseeing in southeastern Europe. A visit here offers a fascinating opportunity to sample the cultures of three major faiths within a relatively small area. In the same day, you can inhale incense in a Serbian Orthodox church, hear the subtle clicking of rosary beads in a Roman Catholic church, and listen to the Muslim call to prayer echo across a skyline of prickly minarets.


At a Glance

▲▲▲ Sarajevo Formerly war-torn, now rejuvenated Bosnian capital, with a fascinating layered history and a scenic mountain-valley setting.

▲▲ Mostar Small city offering an easy-to-appreciate taste of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with a striking setting, vivid Muslim culture, Ottoman-style architecture, evocative war damage, and an inspiring, rebuilt Old Bridge.

Near Mostar Kravice Waterfalls, scenic gorge and dervish house at Blagaj, hill town of Počitelj, workaday burg of Stolac, and Catholic pilgrimage site at Međugorje.