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Guidebook Updates for Estonia

When we learn of critical changes to the information in our guidebooks on Estonia, we post them here. (Of course, it's still smart to reconfirm critical transportation and sightseeing details locally.) Armed with a Rick Steves guidebook and these late-breaking updates, you're set for a great trip!


  • Baltic Hotel Imperial is closed.
  • Grillhaus Daub and Wadabus are closed.
  • Rixwell Old Town Hotel is now part of the Rija chain: Rija Old Town Hotel.
  • Tickets for Tallinn’s public transportation are now available as QR tickets for use on a mobile phone (€1.50 for any ride up to 1 hour, can purchase up to 10 rides per ticket, shareable with other riders, purchase at or with the mobile app For travelers staying longer, the Ühiskaart smartcard can be purchased for €2, then loaded up with credit (€1.50 per ride, €4.50/24 hours, €7.50/72 hours).
  • The KGB Prison Cells, recently opened in Tallinn's former KGB headquarters, give visitors a glimpse into the prisons and interrogation rooms once used.
  • Linda Line has ceased ferry service between Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia.
  • The Museum of Occupations is now called the "Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom." The museum was recently upgraded and expanded to include a new permanent exhibit exploring Estonia's occupations, resistance, and rise to freedom. The former audioguide has been replaced with an "etour guide" mobile device that brings the displays to life.

For books printed before June 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Budget eateries Road Food, Eat, and Balti Jaama Kohvik (at the outdoor market) have closed.