Guidebook Updates for Hungary

When we learn of critical changes to the information in our guidebooks on Hungary, we post them here. (Of course, it's still smart to reconfirm critical transportation and sightseeing details locally.) Armed with a Rick Steves guidebook and these late-breaking updates, you're set for a great trip!


  • A new and convenient airport shuttle bus operated by the city is now running from the airport to Déak tér in downtown Budapest.

For books printed before March 2018, the following may also apply:

  • The Applied Arts Museum is closed for renovation work that may extend into 2020.
  • The Great Synagogue now offers only one ticket option. Tickets cost 4,000 Ft and include access to the synagogue, Memorial Garden, and Hungarian Jewish museum, plus permission to take photos and a tour of the synagogue.
  • There is no longer an overnight train option between Budapest and Berlin.

For books printed before July 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The Alexandra Bookstore and its Lotz Café have permanently closed.

For books printed before April 2017, the following may also apply:

  • While the Museum of Fine Arts is closed for renovation (due to reopen in spring 2018), a selection of highlights is now being exhibited in the National Gallery.
  • Bus #101 to Memento Park from a stop near the Kelenföld Métro stop now only runs on weekday afternoons (4–6/hour starting at 13:00, takes about 10 minutes). Outside those times, slower bus #150 remains your next-best option (2–3/hour, takes about 20 minutes, leaves from same stop as bus #101).
  • The Szabó Marzipan Museum has closed.
  • The Holnemvolt Park amusement center next to the zoo has closed. (A new "Fairy Tale Park" is scheduled to open sometime in 2017.)
  • The correct URL for the Labyrinth of Buda Castle's website is (and admission has gone up to 2,500 Ft).
  • Some EC trains from Vienna now stop at Budapest's suburban Kelenföld station. If your train continues to the Budapest-Keleti station, that's a more convenient place to arrive. But if you must get off at Kelenföld, simply take the green/M4 Metró line into the city.
  • The recommended Jégbüfé eatery near Ferenciek Tere has relocated to Petőfi Sándor utca 3.
  • Peregrinus Hotel in Pest Town Center is has permanently closed.
  • Gracious Mária and István are no longer renting rooms.
  • The ruin pubs Lokál and Kirakat have closed, as have Jam Pub and Holdudvar nightclubs.
  • Tip Top Bar is now called Top Rum Sky Bar.

For books printed before March 2016, the following may also apply:

  • Local guide George Farkas' correct email address is
  • The prices for some of the Absolute Walking Tours have gone up: As of late 2015, the Absolute Walk costs 9,000 Ft, the Hammer & Sickle Tour is 15,000 Ft, and the Hungaro Gastro Food and Wine Tasting Tour is 23,000 Ft.
  • The Opera House now offers English tours at 14:00 (in addition to the tours at 15:00 and 16:00).


  • Jókai Bisztró has closed.
  • Egylet restaurant is now called the Balkán Bisztró, and no longer offers a "long list of Hungarian microbrews on tap."