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  • Latin Bridge, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Latin Bridge


Spectacularly set in a mountain valley blanketed with cute Monopoly houses, Sarajevo is a sight to behold. Though now synonymous with sectarian strife, for centuries the city was a model of cooperation and harmony, and today Sarajevo is the delightful product of this rich history. The Ottoman-style Old Town feels transplanted from Istanbul. Then you'll turn a corner and suddenly feel lost in an almost Viennese cityscape. Listen to the Muslim call to prayer and watch Catholic and Orthodox church bells playfully jostle above the skyline. Ponder the scars of war, hunch over to squeeze through the tunnel that was the besieged Sarajevans' one lifeline to the world, and listen to a local relate personal stories from the harrowing time of the siege. Then relax in a café with a cup of Bosnian coffee or nibble on some of the best bureks (savory, flaky pies) this side of the Bosphorus. Go ahead — it's OK to enjoy Sarajevo.