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Guidebook Updates for ‘Rick Steves Best of Europe’

When we learn of important changes to the information in our Best of Europe guidebook, we post them here. (Of course, it's still smart to reconfirm critical transportation and sightseeing details locally.) Armed with a Rick Steves guidebook and these late-breaking updates, you're set for a great trip!

Across France

For books printed before November 2019, the following may apply:

  • Eurail Select Passes are no longer being sold (but similarly priced Global Passes still are) — see our 2019 rail-travel update.

For books printed before January 2019, the following may also apply:

  • French hotels recently won the legal right to undercut and prices on their own hotel websites; virtually all hotels can offer lower rates than a site like if you book directly. If you find a cheaper offer on a third-party site, let the hotel know, and they'll usually adjust their direct booking rate.
  • Baggage check services near train stations are becoming more common throughout France (through hotels, tourist information offices, and small shops). Day-trippers should always ask about available baggage check services at the tourist information office.
  • The speed limit for two-lane D and N routes is now 80 km/hour unless the road has a divider separating the lanes, in which case it's 90 km/hour.

For books printed before November 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Parking meters now require your car's license plate number, and more tickets are being written for those who overstay their paid parking time.
  • The website for the United States embassy in France is now

For books printed before January 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Now that the one-country France rail pass is a Eurail-brand pass, France pass options no longer include a senior discount or consecutive-day version. It may also mean that travelers with this pass no longer have priority for TGV fast-train seat reservations over travelers with multicountry passes…but the details are yet to be finalized.
  • Tickets for high-speed TGV trains in France are now often available as far as four months out (instead of three months). As always, advance-purchase discounts for TGV tickets can get snapped up weeks ahead.

For books printed before January 2017, the following may also apply:

  • Baggage check may be unavailable across France (in compliance with heightened security measures).
  • The US Consulate in Nice has closed.

Across Germany

  • If your passport is due to expire within six months of your ticketed date of return from Europe, you need to renew it. Allow plenty of time to renew or get a passport, especially while a backlog of applications is causing significant slowdowns — see the US Department of State's travel site for current estimated processing times.
  • Bring proof of vaccination, and be sure to check the latest Covid entry requirements for Germany right up to your date of travel.

For books printed before September 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Eurail Select Passes are no longer being sold (but similarly priced Global Passes still are) — see our 2019 rail-travel update.

Across Italy

  • If your passport is due to expire within six months of your ticketed date of return from Europe, you need to renew it. Allow plenty of time to renew or get a passport, especially while a backlog of applications is causing significant slowdowns — see the US Department of State's travel site for current estimated processing times.
  • Bring proof of vaccination, and be sure to check the latest Covid entry requirements for Italy right up to your date of travel.
  • State museums in Italy are free to enter once or twice a month, usually on a Sunday. Free days are actually bad news — they attract crowds. In peak season, check state museum websites in advance and make a point to avoid their free days.

For books printed before December 2019, the following may also apply:

  • The intercity bus services formerly operated by Sena/Baltour have been taken over by Flixbus, with some changes in frequencies and routes.
  • Eurail Select Passes are no longer being sold (but similarly priced Global Passes still are) — see our 2019 rail-travel update.

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Both Trenitalia and Italo have call centers for answering general questions. You can dial these numbers direct from any US number: Trenitalia +39 06 6847 5475 (daily 7:00–24:00); Italo +39 06 8937 1892 (daily 6:00–23:00).

For books printed before November 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The number for making a collect call from Italy to the US via AT&T is now 800-172-444.

Across Switzerland

For books printed before May 2020, the following may apply:

  • Eurail Select Passes are no longer being sold (but similarly priced Global Passes still are) — see our 2019 rail-travel update.
  • The Swiss railway no longer offers same day, station-to-station luggage delivery service. Service will now take two days and applies to a reduced list of stations.

For books printed before April 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The William Tell Express excursion package (between Luzern and Flüelen) has been renamed the "Gotthard Panorama Express." Seats are now available in both first or second class for the whole package (steamboat ride, reserved seat on panoramic train, infotainment called "The Gotthard Myth"). Since the new, longer, Gotthard Tunnel is now taking passenger trains, choosing one of these departures (even without the boat ride) is an easy way to ensure that you're not taking the faster, less scenic tunnel route.
  • The Glacier Express and the Brig–Zermatt route are now fully covered by the Eurail Global Pass (but the Glacier Express still requires a paid seat reservation).
  • The Eurail Global Pass now grants a 50 percent discount on most lake boats, rather than covering the full fare (but boats on Lakes Thun and Brienz are fully covered by the Global Pass). Swiss Travel Passes still cover all lake boats in Switzerland.
  • With the Swiss Travel Pass, discounts on high-mountain lifts and trains are now only available on one of your flexipass travel days (whereas Eurail-brand passes still let you take advantage of discounted train and boat rides at any point within the pass's validity window). As always, any ride fully covered — rather than just discounted — by any kind of rail pass does require use of a travel day.
  • The Swiss Half-Fare Card can no longer be combined at a special rate with a Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Transfer Ticket.


  • Randy Roy's Redlight Tours is no longer in operation.
  • Direct Amsterdam to London Eurostar trains will begin service on April 30, 2020, and tickets are on sale now. On about 3 departures per day, travelers won't need to connect in Brussels in the London-bound direction. There should be four direct departures per day by mid-year and five by December. These Eurostar trains also serve Rotterdam, with return boarding from Rotterdam expected to be available in late May.
  • Amsterdam city government may ban guided tours of the Red Light District in 2020.
  • The Amstelkring Museum is now (once again) called the Our Lord in the Attic Museum (Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder).
  • The Connexxion shuttle bus between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport now only allows payment by credit card.
  • Hotel Brouwer is closed for renovation for several months, with plans to reopen in June 2019.
  • The bus route to the Aalsmeer Flower Auction from Amsterdam's Centraal Station has been renumbered to #357.
  • Café Villa Zeezicht has closed, as have the Atrium University Cafeteria and Ristorante Hostaria.
  • The correct address for La Perla restaurant is Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14 and 53.
  • B&B Helmers has closed.

For books printed before May 2019, the following may also apply:

For books printed before October 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Tickets to the Anne Frank House go on sale two months in advance, and are released gradually over the two-month period between the on-sale date and visit date. If no tickets for your preferred date are available initially, keep checking back. The entrance to the museum has moved. Facing the museum, the entrance is now around the right side, in the new modern annex. Hours are April–Oct daily 9:00–22:00; Nov–March Mon–Fri 9:00–20:00, Sat until 22:00, Sun until 19:00.
  • The I Amsterdam City Card now covers the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, as well as public transport and a canal cruise. With this card, travelers who've booked a (required) time slot at the Van Gogh Museum won't need to stand in line, but will still have to queue at the Rijksmuseum.
  • The rules governing tourists' use of the Museumkaart sightseeing pass have changed. The €60 pass, which is bought at participating museums, is now good for just five museum visits over 31 days (instead of unlimited admissions). But, this temporary card can be upgraded to a one-year card offering unlimited admissions to nearly 400 museums. To do so, register your temporary card online. A few days later, a one-year card is mailed to you at the address you give (your hotel in the Netherlands, for example). The temporary card may still be worthwhile for those on a short stay; the one-year card can be a very good deal for those staying longer.
  • The Van Gogh Museum is only admitting visitors who've booked a timed-entry slot online before arriving, even those using a Museumkaart or I Amsterdam CIty Card in lieu of a ticket (and the museum isn't selling any in-person tickets); it's unclear whether this new rule is temporary or not, so check the museum's website for updates well before your visit. The museum also has new (permanent) hours: daily April–Aug 9:00–19:00, Fri until 21:00, and Sat until 18:00 (April–June) and 21:00 (July–Aug); Sept–Oct 9:00–18:00, Fri until 21:00; Nov–March 9:00–17:00, Fri until 21:00.
  • All Amsterdam trams are now "cashless." To buy a ticket or pass onboard, you'll have to use a credit card and PIN. Ticket machines at stops accept both coins and credit cards. You can purchase tickets with cash from many points of sale within the city; see the public transport website for details.
  • Many of the city's tram lines have been renumbered and/or rerouted — check the new route map, and double-check local signage in person.
  • A new Amsterdam Metro line (#52) has begun operation from Noord (across the IJ River) to Centraal Station, then through Rokin to the Zuid train station in the south. We recommend getting around by tram instead of underground metro, but this line can be helpful for reaching sights in Rokin and in the Museumplein area.
  • From Schiphol Airport, bus route #197 into town is now bus #397 (it still departs from platform B9 in front of the airport).
  • The Civic Guards Gallery at the Amsterdam Museum is now called the Amsterdam Gallery.
  • The Rijksmuseum at Schiphol Airport has reopened.
  • Maes B&B has closed.
  • Hotel van Onna is no longer a standalone hotel, but is now an annex of Mr. Jordaan Hotel.
  • The following eateries have closed: La Place Cafeteria, Dwars Restaurant, Los Pilones Mexican, and the Marks & Spencer mini-grocery.

For books printed before February 2018, the following may also apply:

  • TripKey transit cards can no longer be picked up at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at Centraal station, but can now be picked up at Amsterdam Ticket Shop at Kerkstraat 155a.

For books printed before May 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The Stedelijk Museum now closes at 18:00 on Thursdays, and is open until 22:00 on Fridays.
  • Starbikes Rental has moved down the way to De Ruijterkade 143.
  • Hotel Filosoof has been thoroughly renovated and reopened as the Pillows Anna van den Vondel.
  • Sunhead of 1617 Canal House Inn has closed.
  • Frederic Rent-a-Bike no longer rents guestrooms. Frederic will still honor the printed Rick Steves reader discount on bike rentals (50 percent discount on 24-hour rentals).

Arles and nearby

  • Les Filles du 16 is permanently closed.
  • The Navia shuttle in Arles is no longer free and is now €1.
  • The Arlaten Folk Museum plans to reopen in 2020 after a multi-year renovation. The museum will showcase traditional culture and folklore of Provence and is slated to be one of Arles’ top sights.

For books printed before November 2019, the following may also apply:

For books printed before November 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Travelers who plan to visit two or more museums should consider the Pass Avantage sightseeing pass, which covers all monuments and museums in town and offers a discount at the Fondation Van Gogh.
  • The recommended market in Eyguières (near Les Baux and St-Rémy) pops up on Tuesday mornings, not Friday mornings.

Avignon and nearby

  • The Nîmes Culture Pass is now called the Romanity Pass.
  • The pass that covers the Roman Theater, Roman arena, Maison Carrée, and Tour Magne (formerly Nîmes Culture Pass) is now called the Nîmes-Orange Pass (same price: €18.50). The Romanity Pass does not cover the Roman Theater, and it costs €17.
  • The Patrick Mallard pastry shop mentioned in the "Discovering Avignon's Back Streets Walk" has closed.

For books printed before November 2019, the following may also apply:

  • The Oscar restaurant in the La Roquette district has closed.

For books printed before November 2018, the following may also apply:


  • Barcelona's main airport is now called Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport.
  • The Barri Gòtic street Sant Doménec del Call has been renamed Carrer de Salomó Ben Adret.
  • Bus #24 no longer stops at Park Guell's side entrance, and bus route #92 (which had also stopped at Park Guell's side entrance) has been discontinued. Note that Barcelona's Public Transportation map does not accurately reflect the route of the Park Guell shuttle — the shuttle does not run to the front (south) entrance of the park.
  • Paid visiting hours at the Barcelona Cathedral have changed: Mon–Fri 12:30–19:45, Sat 12:30–17:30, Sun 14:00–17:30. The telephone number is +34 933 428 262.
  • At the Barcelona Cathedral, visitors can no longer use the side door facing Carrer dels Comtes, and cloister doors are reserved for those with reduced mobility.
  • The T10 Metro travelcard is no longer available. A new card called T-casual covers 10 rides for €11.35, but this card is not sharable; each rider will need their own ticket.
  • Parellada has closed permanently.

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Rick's Eixample audio tour is now available.
  • Sagrada Família now costs €17 for a basic ticket (church only, available only from 17:00), €26 to visit with a live guide, €25 with an audioguide, or €32 for a visit with an audioguide and access to the tower elevator (and we still strongly recommend buying timed-entry tickets online in advance of your visit). The church's new hours are April–September daily 9:00–20:00, October & March daily until 19:00, November–February daily until 18:00.
  • The Picasso Museum is now open mid-March–Oct Mon 10:00–17:00, Tue–Sun 9:00–20:30, Thu until 21:30; Nov–mid-March Tue–Sun 9:00–19:00; Thu until 21:30, closed Mon.
  • The nighttime tour at La Pedrera ("Gaudí’s Pedrera: The Origins") has a new name: "La Pedrera Night Experience."

For our Barcelona audio tours, these older updates also apply:

  • Sardana performances take place on Sundays in front of the cathedral at 11:15 (not noon, none in Aug), and some Saturdays at 18:00.
  • Casa Lleó Morera has closed to visitors, indefinitely.
  • La Pedrera no longer offers free entry to its atrium.

Berlin & Potsdam

  • Tickets to visit the Reichstag are now often unavailable weeks in advance — book as soon as you can.
  • The German History Museum's main building (Zeughaus) and all permanent exhibits  are closed and under renovation until 2025. Temporary exhibits, however, are on view in the Pei annex building.
  • The Neues Museum and Pergamon Museum are now closed on Mondays (as are all other Museum Island museums).
  • The Käthe Kollwitz Museum has moved to the Theaterbau wing of Charlottenburg Palace.
  • The Humboldt Forum, in the rebuilt shell of the former royal palace on Museum Island, is now open for visits to its various museums and other cultural attractions.
  • The Gemäldegalerie is undergoing a multiyear phased renovation that may see some areas closed during your visit (ticket prices may be reduced at these times).
  • There is no longer a €12 combo-ticket for Kulturforum sights, but they are still covered by the Museum Pass Berlin.
  • The tourist information offices at the Europa Center and the Park Inn on Alexanderplatz have closed, but new ones have opened in the Humboldt Forum and at Brandenburg Airport.
  • All stops of new U5 line of the U-Bahn are now open.
  • Bus #245 no longer runs between the Hauptbahnhof and Alexanderplatz.
  • Simple Rent a Bike bike sharing is not operating (consider using an app, such as Next Bike).
  • Hotel Augustinenhof and Hecker's Hotel have closed.
  • Hotel Jurine is now Hotel Birgit.
  • Hotel Alexander Plaza is now Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza.
  • Several recommended restaurants have closed: Die Schule, Vân Anh, Zuhause, and Zillemarkt, as well as Aufsturz pub.
  • Weltrestaurant Markthalle has been replaced by Marktlokal restaurant.
  • Hasir restaurant, in the Hackescher Markt area, is now called "Alay by Hasir."
  • Cocolo Ramen X-berg has moved from Oranienstrasse to Graefestrasse 11.
  • Bite Berlin food tours are no longer operating.
  • St. Hedwig's Cathedral is temporarily closed and no longer hosting free organ concerts on Wednesday afternoons.
  • The Hekticket ticket clearinghouse is no longer operating.

For books printed before January 2021, the following may also apply:

  • The Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) opened in late 2020. Schӧnefeld Airport became BER's Terminal 5, while Tegel Airport is no longer operating.
  • Insider Tour's groups meet outside the Friedrichstrasse train station, on the square beside the Palace of Tears.
  • Original Berlin Walks now meets in front of Starbucks across from the Hackescher Markt S-bahn station.
  • Local guide Bernhard Schlegelmilch has changed his email address to
  • The James-Simon-Galerie's entrance pavilion is now open on Museum Island. Visitors now enter the museum on the west bank of the island.
  • The Kennedys Museum has closed (to become a "touring museum").
  • It is no longer possible to purchase a timed-entry ticket in advance for the Neues Museum.

For books printed before September 2019, the following may also apply:

  • As of August 2019, many of Berlin's buses have undergone changes:
    • Line #200 now runs via Spittelmarkt and Berlin City Hall instead of via Unter den Linden (new line #300 — which goes from Tiergarten/Philharmonic to Warschauer Strasse — has replaced this portion).
    • Metro Bus M48 has been cut (lines #200 and N2 have replaced this bus between Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz).
    • Line N2 has been rerouted to follow the U2 subway line.
  • The tourist information office on Rankstrasse (across from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) has closed.
  • Bassy Club has closed.

For books printed before December 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Passports are now required for entry to the Reichstag, and must be presented with the confirmation letter received after making the required online reservation.
  • The Pergamon Museum has a new combo-ticket that covers the "Pergamon. Das Panorama" exhibit with museum admission. The exhibit — a wraparound panorama painting of the city of Pergamon in AD 129 — is in a pavilion across from Museum Island while the Pergamon Altar is undergoing restoration.
  • The Museum Pass Berlin now includes the German History Museum.
  • We now recommend buying tickets online in advance to avoid lines at the DDR Museum.
  • Several local guides have updated their contact information: 
  • The Jewish Museum Berlin is no longer open late on Mondays.
  • The Deutsche Kinemathek Film and TV Museum is now open on Mondays and closed on Tuesdays.
  • The Silent Heroes Memorial Center has moved from the Hackescher Markt to the German Resistance Memorial location.
  • Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hackescher Markt has a new website.
  • NH Berlin Mitte Leipziger Strasse hotel is now called NH Collection Berlin Mitte Am Checkpoint Charlie and has a new email address:
  • The famous Fassbender & Rausch chocolate shop on Gendarmenmarkt has dropped "Fassbender" – it's just the Rausch chocolate shop now.
  • The following restaurants have closed: Die Zwölf Apostel (both the one near Museum Island and the one on Bleibtreustrasse), La Bodeguita del Medio (Lychener Strasse 6), Imbiss 204 (in the Kollwitzkiez area), and Café Sibylle (in eastern Berlin).
  • The Fat Tire Bikes location at Zoologischer Garten has closed.
  • In Potsdam, the #603 bus only leaves from the main train station on summer weekends. On summer weekdays and off-season, you can catch the #603 at Platz der Einheit, a 15-minute walk past the Alter Markt (reachable by multiple bus or tram lines from the station).

Berner Oberland

  • Gimmelwald's Hotel Mittaghorn, run by Walter Mittler from 1970 until his death in 2019 and one of Rick's long-time fond favorites, is slated to reopen under new ownership in 2024.

For books printed before May 2020, the following may also apply:

  • The Lauterbrunnen tourist information office has a new website:
  • At Kleine Scheidegg, Restaurant Bahnhof hostel is now Bergrestaurant Kleine Scheidegg lodge and restaurant. It has a new website:
  • The Lauterbrunnen Valley Folk Museum is now open mid-June–early Oct Tue and Fri–Sun 14:00–17:30, closed Mon and Wed–Thu, also closed off-season.
  • Hotel Blumental in Mürren is now owned and operated by Schilthorn Cableway Ltd. Its new website is at (Their other contact info remains the same.)
  • The Stägerstübli restaurant in Mürren is now open Thu–Mon 11:30–20:30 (closed Tue–Wed).
  • The Swiss Travel Pass no longer covers the entire Schilthornbahn ride; with this pass the ride between the valley and Mürren is completely covered, but for any rides above Mürren (to Birg and the Schilthorn) Swiss Travel Pass holders must now pay half-fare.
  • The Schilthorn cable car no longer offers discounts on early or late departures.
  • You can now reserve a time for Schilthornbahn cable car lifts online 24 hours in advance (for 5 CHF extra). This means committing to the ride you before you know the weather, but you can use the ticket itself (without the reserved spot) at any time.
  • The refurbished Grindelwald–Männlichen gondola is now running, as is the new Eiger Express cable car. The Eiger Express dramatically saves time for people aiming to reach the Jungfraujoch from Grindelwald, but doesn't affect those traveling from the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
  • The Happy Inn Lodge in Interlaken has a new email address:
  • Sunny Days B&B in Interlaken is under new ownership and is now called Adventure Guesthouse:, (Their mobile number remains the same.)
  • In addition to Rick's self-guided "Gimmelwald Walk," travelers can also download the free Schilthorn Explore app, which includes a new Gimmelwald Audio Village Tour. It describes Gimmelwald's past and present in some detail at each of the eight stops along its route.

For books printed before May 2018, the following may also apply:

  • The last train trips of the day to the Jungfraujoch no longer receive a discounted rate.
  • The Jungfraubahnen Pass and the Jungfrau VIP pass have merged into a three- and six-day version of the Jungfrau Travel Pass. It no longer completely covers one trip to the Jungfraujoch but offers the trip from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch for 61 CHF.
  • The main tourist information office in Interlaken has moved to a new location by the post office.
  • Sunny Days B&B (now called Adventure Guesthouse) in Interlaken has a new phone number: +41 77 456 2338.
  • Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald has closed their restaurant.
  • Olle and Maria's B&B in Gimmelwald has a new website:
  • Camping Jungfrau has a new website:
  • Hotel Bellevue in Mürren has a new website:
  • Hotel Blumental in Mürren has a new website:

For books printed before October 2017, the following may also apply:

  • Liesi's Heart Place in Gimmelwald no longer rents rooms.
  • You can intensify your Schilthorn visit with a stroll along the new Thrill Walk suspension walkway, which links the Skyline Walk viewing platform to the restaurant terrace.

Cinque Terre

For books printed before December 2019, the following may apply:

  • In Manarola, the Ostello 5-Terre Hostel has closed.
  • In Monterosso, Fast Bar no longer serves breakfast. Instead, try Beach Bar Alga on the beach, Pasticceria Laura at 59 Via Vittorio Emanuele, Wonderland Bakery at Via San Pietro 8, and Bar Davi under the arch at Via Roma 34.
  • ATC shuttle bus schedules are now available online at
  • Roberto Pecunia now offers baggage delivery from all Cinque Terre train stations to your accommodations. Call ahead to +39 370 375 7972.
  • Local guide Paola Tommarchi is no longer working in the Cinque Terre.

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Train schedules have changed in the Cinque Terre and any local train might skip one or more of the five towns. Before getting on any train, confirm that it stops at the town you need.
  • The alternate Riomaggiore-Manarola trail (known as "La Breccara") is closed through 2018.

For books printed before November 2017, the following may also apply:

  • Tickets for regional trains are now valid only on the day of purchase (you can't buy several in advance). This makes the Cinque Terre Treno Multi-Service Card worth considering for the sake of convenience, even if you don't plan to hike, since it covers local trains connecting all Cinque Terre towns, plus Levanto and La Spezia.


  • The main ticket office for the Duomo and its related sights (opposite the Baptistery at Piazza di San Giovanni 7) is undergoing renovation; for now, there are self-service ticket machines there and a temporary ticket office at Piazza del Duomo 14a (opposite the entrance to the Duomo's crypt).
  • The Vasari Corridor (connecting the Pitti Palace and Palazzo Vecchio) is expected to reopen in 2022.
  • Locanda de' Ciompi's email address is

For books printed before December 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Tour guide Karin Kibby's new email address is:
  • Hotel Maxim and Hotel Axial are now one hotel: Hotel Maxim Axial. Their new contact info is +39 055 217 474,,
  • Prestige Rent has moved to Via della Saggina 98, and has a new phone number: +39 055 286 059.
  • Transfer Chauffeur Service has a new email:
  • The Bargello is now open daily 8:15–14:00 (until 17:00 for special exhibits), but closed on the second and fourth Sunday and the first, third, and fifth Monday of each month.
  • The Medici Chapel is now open Tue–Sat 8:15–14:00 as well as on the first, third, and fifth Sunday and second and fourth Monday of each month.
  • The Basilica of San Lorenzo is now closed Sundays, and the basilica's library is now open Mon–Fri 9:30–13:30, closed Sat–Sun.
  • The Gucci Museum (now called the "Gucci Garden Gallery") is now open daily until 23:00.
  • The Duomo now closes at 16:30 Mon–Sat year-round (though opening times sometimes change to accommodate to religious functions).
  • English mass at the Duomo is now Sunday at 17:00.
  • The Duomo sights combo-ticket is now valid for 72 hours.
  • There's a new contact email for booking Duomo-themed tours:
  • There is a new combo ticket for the Uffizi/Pitti Palace/Boboli Gardens. Valid for three consecutive days, this €38 combo-ticket offers admission to the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, and Boboli Gardens at a €12 savings (€38 March–Oct, €18 Nov–Feb). With this ticket, you must start your visit at the Uffizi.
  • The Pitti Palace's two ticket options have changed. Ticket #1 now covers most of the sights (the Palatine Gallery, Royal Apartments, Treasury of the Grand Dukes (silver museum), Museum of Costume and Fashion, and Gallery of Modern Art) while ticket #2 now covers the Bardini and Boboli Gardens as well as the Porcelain Museum.
  • In July and August, the Uffizi and Accademia stay open until 22:00 two nights a week: Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Uffizi, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Accademia, which opens at 7:00 on those days.)
  • The new tram line, T2, is now operating between Amerigo Vespucci Airport and near Florence's SMN train station (runs every five minutes, 20 min, runs 5:00–24:00).
  • Bus #7 to Fiesole now leaves from near the train station on Piazza Adua rather than from Piazza San Marco (only return buses stop there now; with returns also near the train station at Largo Alinari).
  • Buses #14 and #17 no longer run between the train station and Piazza San Marco but buses #7 and #12 now do.
  • The city of Florence no longer rents bikes at the train station.
  • Turishav Travel is now Florentour. Their hours are now 9:30–16:30, closed Sat–Sun.
  • Walks Inside Florence's website is now
  • Istituto Gould has been renamed Foresteria Valdese di Firenze.
  • Hotel Europa has new ownership and has been reopened as Arté Hotel.
  • Panella's Residence has new ownership and is now open under the name Haggi's Residence.
  • Lovelife Café has closed.
  • Due Sorsi e Un Boccone has closed.
  • Trattoria I' Cche c'e' c'e' has closed.
  • Reserving an entry time for the Brancacci Chapel is not required, but it is recommended. You can book spots up until the day before your visit. It should still be considered mandatory from March through the end of May and advisable through the summer and fall. It's no longer possible to make the reservation at the Palazzo Vecchio.
  • The Medici-Riccardi Palace has a new phone number and website: +39 055 276 8224,
  • The Museum of San Marco's is now open every Sunday rather than select Sundays. It's now open Tue–Fri 8:15–14:00, Sat–Sun until 17:00, and until 14:00 on the first, third, and fifth Monday of each month.
  • Minibus #D is now #C4, and runs on a slightly different route, traveling from near the Duomo to the train station, across the Carraia bridge, through the Oltrarno (passing the Pitti Palace), and on to the San Niccolò neighborhood.

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Firenze Card holders visiting the Accademia and/or Uffizi now need to make a free reservation to receive priority access. Reservations can be made over the phone (+39 055 294 883, Mon–Fri 8.30–18.30, Sat 8.30–12.30) or at dedicated ticket counters on-site.
  • Cruise passengers arriving in the Port of Livorno have a new option for getting inland:, which offers cheap bus excursions to Pisa and/or Florence, as well as combo-rides that include Lucca. Buses leave from Livorno's Piazza del Municipio (near the port shuttle dropoff point).
  • Bellevue House/Palazzo Riblet, a hotel near Santa Maria Novella and the newly opened tram line to the airport, now has an elevator.

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • The Duomo sights combo-ticket is now €18.
  • After years of flux, the Uffizi, Accademia Gallery, and Bargello now have stable websites with useful information for visitors (see links).
  • The price of admission to the Uffizi Gallery has increased fairly dramatically (from €12.50) to €20 March–Oct (€10 if no special exhibits); off-season (Nov–Feb) it drops to €12 (€6 if no special exhibits).
  • The Uffizi and Pitti Palace will offer a combined three-day ticket (valid for three days from first use) offering ticket holders priority admission (once to each complex) to all the museums in the Uffizi Galleries' circuit (Uffizi, Pitti, Boboli).
  • Accademia Rooms is now the Hotel Accademia and has 21 newly renovated rooms and new contact info: tel. +39 055 290 993,

French Riviera

  • The website for Le Grand Tour Bus (hop-on, hop-off) is
  • In Nice, the Lignes d'Azur info desk at 17 Rue Thiers has closed, but there is a Lignes d'Azur info desk in Nice's main train station. Office hours are now generally Mon–Fri 7:30–17:30, Saturday until 15:00, and closed Sunday.
  • The combo-ticket for Villa Kérylos and Le Trophée des Alpes is no longer available.
  • Transportation to Le Trophée des Alpes from Nice has changed. Bus #116 leaves from the Vauban tram stop except on Sundays, where it departs from the Pont St. Michel tram stop.
  • In Nice, airport buses #98 and #99 have ceased operations. Instead the T-2 tram line runs between the airport and Port Lympia.

For books printed before November 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Bus route #81 has changed. It is now route #15.
  • The Nice Tram #2 now goes from the Nice airport to the city center at Jean Médecin, where visitors can transfer to Tram #1.
  • In Nice, the Coco & Rico restaurant near the Promenade des Anglais has closed.

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Cruise lines now provide a shuttle boat right from the cruise dock at Port of La Seyne-sur-Mer (near Toulon) that takes passengers directly to Toulon's central waterfront (free or €10, depending on cruise line, 20 minutes).


For books printed before October 2018, the following may apply:

  • The Frans Hals Museum has opened a second location at Grote Markt, offering contemporary art inspired by (and sometimes presented alongside) Frans Hals' work. The second location ("Hal") is covered by your Frans Hals ticket.
  • Stempels Hotel is now called ML Hotel.
  • Gastrobar Grijs has closed.


For books printed before June 2020, the following may also apply:

  • The City of London Information Centre phone number is +44 (0)20 7606 3030.
  • The Cutty Sark and Royal Observatory Greenwich have implemented tiered pricing, with higher prices on weekends and bank holidays. Online prices are still cheaper than walk-up prices on any day.
  • At the Tate Modern, free 45-minute guided tours are offered at 12:00 and 13:00 (Natalie Bell Building) and 14:00 (Blavatnik Building).
  • Shakespeare's Globe's off-season last tours are Mon–Sat at 12:30, Sun at 17:00. The box office is open Mon–Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun until 17:00.
  • At the British Library, two £10 one-hour tours are offered daily — a Treasures tour (generally at 11:00) and a Building tour (generally at 14:00). You can book online or call +44 (0)19 3754 6546.
  • Bus route #23 no longer runs the route described in the book, and buses #6 and #12 no longer run. Visit the Transport For London website for current bus routes.
  • The Courtauld Gallery is scheduled to reopen in November 2021.
  • The Royal Mews is closed to visitors on Sunday in February, March, and November. It is closed completely in December–January.
  • The £5 Oyster transit card price is no longer refundable on return of the card, but the price is now added to the card balance one year after purchase (so travelers should just keep the card). Cards purchased before February 23, 2019, can still be returned in exchange for the £5 deposit.
  • Scaffolding now covers the entirety of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and much of the exterior of the Houses of Parliament. Inside the Houses of Parliament, St. Stephen's Porch and St. Stephen's Hall are under renovation; the statues and stained glass inside St. Stephen's Hall are not viewable. You still walk through St. Stephen's Hall on Houses of Parliament tours (both guided and audio-tour versions).
  • Direct Eurostar trains between London and Amsterdam are now running — on these routes, travelers don't need to connect in Brussels in either direction. We've got Eurostar tickets and some helpful tips for booking them.
  • La Bottega in Belgravia has closed.
  • The Nadler Kensington is now The Resident Kensington (
  • is no longer in business.

For books printed before March 2020, the following may also apply:

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply:

For books printed before December 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Fernandez & Wells restaurant in Soho has closed, as have Potato Project, Melt Room, and the Gay Hussar.

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • The Heathrow Connect train is no longer running.
  • Sir John Soane's Museum is open Wednesday–Sunday (not Tuesday–Saturday).
  • Inigo Jones' masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture, the Queen's House in Greenwich, has reopened.

For books printed before August 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Advance tickets for the Tower of London purchased on the Tower's website are now valid only for the date selected. (Vouchers that previously gave travelers seven days after the date selected are no longer available on the website.)
  • The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries, a new museum within Westminster Abbey that has been closed for the past 700 years, has opened. (You'll see rare objects from royal coronations, funerals, and much more from the Abbey's 1,000-year history.) Space is limited and a timed-entry ticket is required, available in 15-minute intervals; purchase on the Abbey's website. Westminster Abbey is open until 16:00 May–August (last entry one hour before closing). Tickets for the galleries cost an additional £5 on top the Abbey entrance fee. Visitors with a London Pass can make a same-day reservation at the Abbey if space is available for £5.

For books printed before June 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Afternoon tea at the V&A Café is now Sunday 15:00–17:00, and requires a reservation.

For books printed before April 2018, the following may also apply:

  • From August through April, the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace takes place on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The Churchill War Rooms now offers timed reservations, which are recommended because of increased crowds.
  • The Golden Hinde replica has reopened, and has new hours (daily 10:00–17:00), a new website, and a new phone number (+44 20 7403 0123).
  • The National Portrait Gallery will no longer stay open late on Thursdays. The gallery will close at 18:00 on Thursdays, but will remain open late on Fridays until 21:00.
  • The budget airline Monarch is no longer in business.
  • The budget airline Thomson Airways is now called TUI Airways.
  • Evan Evans tour company's US phone number has changed: 800-422-9022.
  • The family discount for the London Zoo is only available online, not at the entrance.

For books printed before December 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The Banqueting House is now closed to the public on Thursdays.
  • The Geffrye Museum is has reopened as the "Museum of Home."
  • The National Army Museum has a new website:
  • London Duck Tours have ceased operations.
  • The bus from Southampton's cruise port to Southampton Central Station is now called QuayConnect.
  • BritainShrinkers (a company selling "unescorted tours" from London via Eurostar trains) is no longer in business.
  • Big Ben will only ring for special holidays and occasions while the multi-year restoration to the Elizabeth Tower and clock is underway.
  • Ebury Wine Bar has closed.

For books printed before July 2017, the following may also apply:

  • The time of the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace has changed to 11 a.m. To see it up close from one location, we recommend getting there at 10 a.m (or earlier in high season).


  • While construction is underway at the train station, look for the travel center (Reisezentrum, with ticket counters and EurAide desk) near track 11 (not track 18). The EurAide desk has new hours: Mon–Fri 10:00–17:00, mid-May–mid-Aug also Sat 10:00–13:00, closed Sun. Car rental agencies are currently located on streets around the station, not opposite track 22.
  • The Romantic Road bus now leaves from Karlsplatz 21, not the central bus station (ZOB), and only goes once or twice a week.
  • All Gray Line buses also now leave from Karlsplatz 21.
  • Both MVG customer service centers are now closed Sun.
  • Radius Tours' office is now located at Dachauer Strasse 4, near the train station.
  • The Munich Walk tour company is no longer operating.
  • The first of two completely overhauled wings at the Deutsches Museum's main branch has reopened, and with a new entrance on the southwest end of the complex. (The second wing remains closed and under renovation until 2028.) The museum no longer offers combo-tickets with its aviation or transportation branches.
  • The in-person München Ticket Office in the New Town Hall has closed; information and tickets are still available at

For books printed before March 2022, the following may also apply:

  • Hotel Monaco, Pension Lindner, and Pension am Jakobsplatz have closed.

For books printed before February 2021, the following may also apply:

  • Munich's transit tickets now reflect the city's new transit-zone system, with Zone M being the central zone in which most travelers spend most of their time, though Dachau lies in Zone 1, and the airport in Zone 5. Ticketing otherwise remains the same.
  • The Nazi Documentation Center no longer charges admission (and still doesn't charge for audioguide).
  • Litty's Hotel has closed.

For books printed before September 2019, the following may also apply:

  • The Romantic Road bus no longer stops in Augsburg or Füssen; the route now starts/ends in Munich. (You can connect to the route by train to/from Augsburg or Füssen via the town of Donauwörth.)
  • The tourist information office at the main train station is closed while the station undergoes renovations, and the tourist information office on Marienplatz has new hours: Mon–Sat 9:30–19:30, Sun 10:00–18:00.
  • The Neue Pinakothek is closed for renovations through at least 2025. During construction, highlights from the collection will be displayed at the Alte Pinakothek and at the Schack Collection.
  • At the Residenz Museum, the Halls of the Nibelungen (Nibelungensäle), with mythological scenes that were the basis of Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen, have reopened after a 10-year renovation.

For books printed before January 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Café Tambosi has closed.
  • The Bayern-Ticket for regional train travel is now called the "Regional Day Ticket for Bavaria."

For books printed before January 2017, the following may also apply:

  • At the Dachau Memorial, some areas of the camp may begin to close before 17:00 — plan to wrap up your visit by 16:40 to allow time to exit by 17:00.


  • The Paris Archaeological Crypt has reopened after the Notre-Dame fire closure.
  • The Grand Palais is closed for renovation until 2023.
  • The Fragonard Perfume Museum has moved to 3 Square Louis Jouvet.
  • The Carnavalet Museum has reopened after a major multiyear renovation.
  • The Cluny Museum is expected to reopen in early 2022.
  • The Paris Sewer Museum remains closed for renovation.
  • If you plan to visit the Louvre with a Museum Pass, we recommend making a reservation in advance, even for an off-season visit. Reservations don't, however, need to be made all that far in advance, as there doesn't seem to be a limit on reserved spots. You can book a reservation online as late as the day of your visit, even in high season — but you do need to get your Museum Pass first, as the site will ask you to enter your pass's number. While the Museum Pass now carries a one-visit-per-museum restriction, the Louvre's three wings count as different museums for the sake of the pass — so you can visit the Louvre three times on one pass, provided you enter through a different wing each time.
  • The Paris by Night bus tour offered by Paris City Vision no longer uses the name "GoBe."
  • A new tourist information office has opened at the Louvre, by the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall — just before the museum's security entrance (open daily 10:00–20:00). A second new office is located near the base of Montmartre's funicular at 7 Rue Drevet (open Tue–Sat 10:00–13:00 and 14:00–17:00, closed Sun–Mon, +33 1 42 62 21 21).
  • The Puces St. Ouen tourist information office has new telephone number: +33 1 55 87 67 50.
  • Bistrot Chez France's phone number is now +33 1 40 67 96 54.
  • Café Delmas on Place de la Contrescarpe has closed.
  • The Poilâne bakery is now closed Sunday.
  • Hotel Bosquet is now Hotel Relais Bosquet. Rick Steves readers can get a discount by booking online with code "RSDEAL."
  • Hôtel Eber-Mars is now Hôtel le Cercle-Tour Eiffel, and has new contact info: +33 1 47 05 42 30,
  • Port-Royal Hotel's correct email address is
  • The local bus connecting Beauvais airport and the Beauvais train station is now #6 (not #12).
  • SoGymnase Comedy Club no longer offers shows in English.

For books printed before November 2019, the following may also apply:

  • Following the 2019 fire, Notre-Dame Cathedral, will likely be closed for several years. Access to the Ile de la Cité may also change while reconstruction is underway; check the tourist information office's updates page for the latest.
  • The Sacré-Cœur's dome is now open 8:30–20:00 (May–Sept) and 9:00–17:00 (Oct–April).
  • The Arc de Triomphe is no longer free the first Sunday of the month in October (now November–March). Museum Pass holders with kids no longer have to wait in line for tickets at the Arc.
  • The Louvre Wine Museum now closes at 18:00, and the phone number is +33 1 40 28 13 11.
  • The Rodin Museum now stays open until 18:30. There is no longer a separate entry time and cost for the gardens.
  • The Louvre is free the first Saturday of every month after 18:00, with extended hours until 21:45. The museum is no longer free the first Sunday of the month from October–March.
  • Online reservations for the Eiffel Tower are now available 60 days in advance. From September until mid-June, the last ascent by stairs is at 18:30. For any trip up the tower that includes stairs — any time of year — tickets must be purchased on-site.
  • The Paris Museum Pass is now activated at the time of first use and is time-based (not days-based). For example, a two-day pass gives you 48 hours of use from the time you first use it (e.g. if your first entry is at 13:00, you get 48 hours from 13:00). While prices have increased, it's still the best value of all the passes offered in Paris, and pays for itself with four key admissions in two days (for example, the Louvre, Orsay, Sainte-Chapelle, and Versailles).
  • Paper Métro tickets are being phased out in favor of plastic Navigo travel cards, which cover transit on the Métro, public buses, and the RER/suburban train. Single-use tickets for buses and the RER/suburban train will likely remain available. There are two Navigo options:
    • Navigo Easy Card: Load euros onto your €2 Navigo Easy card and pay as you ride (€1.90/ride), or load the card with a 10-ride pass (€14.90) or day pass (€7.50 for Zones 1-2).
    • Navigo Decouverte Pass: This chip-embedded card costs a one-time €5 fee. When you buy, select from a weekly (€23) or monthly pass and ride unlimited during that time.
    You can buy your Navigo Easy or Découverte card at any staffed Métro station and at most tabacs.
  • The tourist information office at Gare de l'Est has closed.
  • Local guide Arnaud Servignat's correct email address is
  • After the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant reopens after a renovation in late 2021, it'll offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a lounge bar for drinks and a light menu. The dining room is reserved for more serious eating (though lunches are more casual). Reserve long in advance, especially if you want a view (+33 1 72 76 18 46, toll tel. +33 8 25 56 66 62). No jeans or tennis shoes at dinner.
  • At the Orangerie Museum, the Walter-Guillaume Collection on the bottom floor has been renovated and reorganized. The collection no longer presents the art chronologically, but now groups paintings by confronting artists.
  • The Paris Webservices has a new email address:
  • Bike About Tours' 3.5-hour tour meeting point has changed to Le Peloton Café, located in the Marais at 17 Rue du Pont Louis Philippe. Their additional May–Sept afternoon tour now runs at 14:30.
  • Opéra Garnier's morning guided tours in English that run July–Aug are now at 11:00 daily. Their updated contact information is +33 1 42 46 72 40 or 1 71 25 24 23,
  • The Thanksgiving store has closed.
  • The Marché de Saxe street market is only open Thursday and Saturday now (not Tuesday).
  • Stéphane Secco at 20 Rue Jean Nicot has closed.
  • Le Pré Verre has closed.
  • Café de Mars is now closed Sunday–Monday.
  • The Gérard Mulot pâtisserie at 76 Rue de Seine is now called Maison Mulot and is no longer closed Wednesdays.
  • Cave à Jojo has closed.
  • La Poule au Pot is now closed Sat–Sun and has a new phone number: +33 1 47 05 16 36.
  • Autour de Midi et Minuit has closed.
  • Hôtel Prince has closed.
  • The Parler Parlor conversation group has closed.

For books printed before April 2019, the following may also apply:

For books printed before October 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Street parking can now be paid with a credit card – it's no longer necessary to buy a parking card at a tabac.
  • The tourist information offices in the Opéra neighborhood (25 Rue des Pyramides) and in Montmartre (21 Place du Tertre) have closed.
  • ADP information desks at Paris airports have closed.
  • Cobblestone Paris, an apartment rental company, now offers a 10 percent discount for Rick Steves readers in addition to two free river cruises (no minimum night requirement) – use code RSPARIS. They also have a new email address:
  • The Canadian Consulate and Embassy has moved to 130 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The phone number is +33 1 44 43 29 02.
  • Brasserie Aux PTT in the Rue Cler no longer offers Rick Steves readers a breakfast special.
  • The Vélib' Bikes system is being overhauled to offer lighter bikes, electric bikes, and an easier booking process; see their new website for updates.
  • City Sightseeing Tours has a new website.
  • The Peugeot dealership on the Champs-Élysées (at #136) has closed.

For books printed before May 2018, the following may also apply:

For books printed before January 2018, the following may also apply:

  • It is no longer possible to purchase summit tickets from the second level of the Eiffel Tower. Visitors must now decide in advance the highest floor they want to visit. This is especially important for those choosing a second-level tour with Fat Tire Tours as they will no longer be able to go any higher with the ticket they provide.
  • "RER" trains are now just labeled…"train" in the Paris transit system. The rail network is consolidating its old terms ("RER," "suburban train," "subway," "tram express," "tramway," "TZen," "bus") and will use just four: train, subway, tram, and bus. However, travelers may still see "RER" on some maps and signage.

For books printed before November 2017, the following may also apply:

Rhine Valley

  • K-D Line riverboats run on a significantly different schedule than what's listed in Rick Steves books printed before 2023; check 2022 schedules (look for "Fahrplan Hauptsaison Rhein" table) before heading out.
  • Bacharach's tourist-information office no longer offers walking tours.
  • The Jost souvenir store in Bacharach is now a wine shop.
  • St. Goar's tourist-information office has moved down the street to Heerstrasse 81, and now has shorter opening hours in high season: Mon–Tue and Thu–Fri 10:00–16:30, Wed and Sat–Sun until 13:00.
  • The Signal and River Pilots Museum (Wahrschauer- und Lotsenmuseum) in St. Goar has closed.
  • The Montag family's beer-stein souvenir shop in St. Goar has closed; the steins are now for sale in their cuckoo-clock shop.
  • St. Goar no longer has taxi service to Rheinfels Castle from town, but in summer (May–Oct) a shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes, except at mid-day (€3.50 one-way, leaves from the riverside directly downhill from the train station, as well as from a stop at the castle end of Heerstrasse) — and the 15-minute walk from town can be done without too steep an incline.
  • At the Rhein Hotel in Bacharach, all rooms have air-conditioning (but only the "hiker room" has an in-room sauna).
  • Gasthaus Jägerstube in Bacharach is expected to close in November 2022.
  • Rusticana restaurant in Bacharach is now Café Bistro Noy.
  • Marksburg Castle now offers English-language tours only at 13:15; German-language tours (which include English handout) no longer run on a set schedule. There's no longer a tourist train running between Braubach and the castle.
  • Burg Pfalz has more limited opening hours than what's stated on its English-language website and in Rick Steves books printed before 2023 (2022 entry info: €7 for ferry from Kaub and castle entry; ferry runs 2/hour, castle open Wed–Sun 10:00–13:00 & 14:00–17:00, closed Mon–Tue; Nov and Feb–mid-March open Sat–Sun until 16:00 only, closed Dec–Jan; last entry one hour before closing, +49 677 4745).

For books printed before January 2019, the following may also apply:

  • During its multiyear restoration, parts of the Rheinfels Castle grounds, including the tunnels, can only be seen with a guided tour. Tours are run in both German and English, depending on who shows up. If you plan to take a tour, you must have a flashlight along for the dark tunnels.
  • Hotel Kranenturm in Bacharach has a new email address:
  • Hotel Hillen in Bacharach has closed.
  • The Posthof restaurant in Bacharach has closed.
  • Hotel am Markt in St. Goar has a new website and email address:
  • Hotel an der Fähre in St. Goar has a new email address:


For books printed before January 2021, the following may also apply:

  • The Opera da Camera di Roma has moved to Palazzo Albertoni Spinola at Piazza Capizucchi 6 (close to the Jewish quarter).
  • St. Patrick's Church no longer arranges papal audience tickets. Requests can only be made by fax to the designated Vatican office at +39 (0)6 6988 5863.
  • The shortcut from the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter's is no longer an option. It is strictly for tour groups and the exit is monitored.
  • The Museum of the Liberation of Rome is now open daily 9:00–19:00, closed August.
  • At the Victor Emmanuel Monument, the café has closed.
  • At the Victor Emmanuel Monument, the Museum of the Risorgimento is closed for renovation.
  • Colosseum and Forum tickets have changed: The basic Colosseum and Forum/Palatine ticket has gone up to €16 and is valid for 24 hours. The SUPER ticket is gone; in its place are two new tickets:
  1. The Full Experience ticket, which €22 and valid two consecutive days, covers the Colosseum (plus choice of arena or underground area), Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, special Super sites, and the newly opened Imperial Forums (Forum of Julius Caesar and Forum of Trajan, connected by a new path that passes beneath Via dei Fori Imperiali).
  2. The Forum Super Pass, which is €16 and valid one day, includes Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, special Super sites, and the Imperial Forums, but not the Colosseum.

Both of these tickets allow entry near Trajan's Column.

  • Electric minibuses are back. Elettrico #117 connects San Giovanni in Laterano, Colosseo, Via Cavour, Via Nazionale, and Trevi Fountain. Elettrico #119 connects Piazza Venezia, Via del Corso, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza Augusto Imperatore.
  • Feltrinelli International bookstore is closed.
  • The 48-hour Roma Pass only offers 1 sight, not 2. This pass now covers the Villa Borghese.
  • "Decorum laws" are now more strictly enforced, including fines. We no longer recommend picnicking anywhere but in parks or other green spaces. Eating discreetly is fine, but not near major sights.

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply:

  • For Walks of Italy tour company, Rick Steves readers should use discount code: RICKWALKSROME.
  • Sitting on the Spanish Steps is no longer allowed. Violators face a €250 fine.
  • The Canadian Embassy in Rome has a new phone number: +39 06 854 441.
  • The Eataly restaurant/gourmet food shop on Piazza della Repubblica, also known as Officine Italia, has closed.
  • The Repubblica metro stop in Rome has reopened.
  • Roma Pass holders now need a €2 reservation to access the Colosseum, which should be made as soon as possible — spots can sell out weeks in advance (see its site for info on reserving, or call +39 06 3996 7575).
  • The ticket table in the narthex (portico) of St. Peter's Basilica, which once sold tickets to the Vatican Museums, is now gone (but the Vatican tourist information office still sells them).
  • The Vatican post office branch near the columns of St. Peter's Basilica's portico (just before the security checkpoint), is now closed (but you can still get the famous Vatican stamps at the other Vatican post office, next to the Vatican tourist information office). 
  • Two central metro stations, Spagna and Barberini, are currently closed.
  • Domus Nova Bethlem is now the Dnb House Hotel.
  • The Hotel Gerber near the Vatican is closing in June 2019.
  • The basic €12 combo-ticket for the Colosseum/Forum/Palatine Hill (for those who don't have a Roma Pass) now includes a timed-entry slot for the Colosseum. Entry to the Forum/Palatine Hill is possible anytime during the validity of the ticket.
  • The north entrance to the Roman Forum, below Capitoline Hill, is now closed.
  • The Assaggi d'Autore restaurant near the Trevi Fountain has closed.

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Visitors to the Colosseum/Roman Forum/Palatine Hill now choose from one of two tickets, both good for two consecutive days: a €12 combo-ticket allows one admission to the Colosseum (after 14:00 only) and one admission to the Forum/Palatine Hill; or an €16 "super" ticket (which doesn't include the Colosseum — see more recent update, above). Admission to the Colosseum is free for kids ages 17 and younger (must present proof of age). Access to the House of Augustus and the House of Livia on Palatine Hill is available only with the "super" ticket.
  • Visitors to St. Peter's Basilica who are short on time can download an (expensive) audioguide that includes line-skipping entry to the basilica. See for details.
  • The Victor Emmanuel Monument has new hours: daily 9:00–17:00 (shorter in winter).
  • The combo-ticket for the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and Villa dei Quintili on the Appian Way is now valid for two consecutive days.
  • Rome's tourist call center now answers the phone daily 9:00–19:00 (+39 06 0608).

For our Rome audio tours, these older updates also apply:

  • Visitors to the Roman Forum cannot exit through the Capitoline Hill entry point. The best exit to go directly from the Roman Forum to Capitoline Hill is behind the Column of Phocas, near the WCs.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  • The English Conversation Club is no more.
  • Hotel Spitzweg has closed.
  • The Romantic Road bus now runs only once or twice a week.

For books printed before February 2021, the following may also apply:

For books printed before September 2019, the following may also apply:

  • The Romantic Road bus no longer stops in Augsburg or Füssen; the route now starts/ends in Munich. (You can connect to the route by train to/from Augsburg or Füssen via the town of Donauwörth.)


  • The Rolling Venice card is valid for ages 6–29.
  • Free tours of St. Mark's Basilica now begin at 11:00 (not 11:30).
  • The intercity bus services formerly operated by Sena/Baltour have been taken over by Flixbus, with some changes in frequencies and routes.

For books printed before November 2019, the following may also apply:

For books printed before September 2018, the following may also apply:

  • Italo now runs a useful Milan–Venice train route.

For books printed before May 2018, the following may also apply:


  • At Versailles, visitors can now purchase timed-entry tickets for the following: either an €18 ticket (palace only), or a €20 Le Passeport pass (includes Trianon/Domaine; on Garden Spectacle days the pass is €27). The Paris Museum Pass does not offer a timed-entry option (so cannot be used in conjunction with these online timed-entry reservations).
  • The Phébus TRI shuttle bus has been discontinued.

For books printed before October 2019, the following may also apply: