• Warsaw, Poland
    Savior Square


Warsaw is Poland's capital and biggest city. It's huge, famous, and important…but not particularly romantic. If you're looking for Old World quaintness, head for Kraków. But if you want to experience a truly 21st-century city, Warsaw's your place. Stroll down revitalized boulevards that evoke the city's glory days, pausing at an outdoor café to sip coffee and nibble at a pączek (jelly doughnut). Drop by a leafy park for an al fresco Chopin concert, packed with patriotic Poles. Commune with the soul of Poland at the city’s many state-of-the-art museums. If you picture a dreary metropolis, think again. Warsaw is full of surprises.

At a Glance

▲▲▲ Museum of the History of Polish Jews Exceptional, expansive exhibit on the full Jewish experience through Polish history.

▲▲ Royal Castle Warsaw's best palace, rebuilt after World War II, but retaining its former opulence and many original furnishings.

▲▲ Old Town Market Square Re-creation of Warsaw's glory days, with lots of colorful architecture.

▲▲ National Museum Collection of mostly Polish art, with unknown but worth-discovering works by Jan Matejko and the Młoda Polska (Art Nouveau) crew.

▲▲ Warsaw Uprising Museum State-of-the-art space tracing the history of the Uprising and celebrating its heroes.

▲▲ Copernicus Science Center Spiffy new science museum with well-explained, hands-on exhibits in English; Warsaw's best family activity.

▲ Castle Square Colorful spot with whiffs of old Warsaw — Royal Castle, monuments, and a chunk of the city wall — and cafés just off the square.

▲ Łazienki Park Lovely, sprawling green space with Chopin statue, peacocks, and Neoclassical buildings.

Museum of Warsaw In-depth treatment of the history of Warsaw, with excellent movie in English.

Chopin Museum Elegant old mansion features slick exhibits but not much substance about Chopin; occasional piano concerts worthwhile.

Palace of Culture and Science Huge "Stalin Gothic" skyscraper with a more impressive exterior than interior, housing theaters, multiplex cinema, observation deck, and more.

Jewish Ghetto: Path of Remembrance Pilgrimage from Ghetto Heroes Square to the infamous Nazi "transfer spot" where Jews were sent to death camps.