• San Sebastián

San Sebastián

Shimmering above the breathtaking Concha Bay, elegant and prosperous San Sebastián (Donostia in the Basque language) has a favored location with golden beaches, capped by twin peaks at either end, and with a cute little island in the center. A delightful beachfront promenade runs the length of the bay, with an charismatic Old Town at one end and a smart shopping district in the center. With a romantic setting, a soaring statue of Christ gazing over the city, and a late-night lively Old Town, San Sebastián has a mini Rio de Janeiro aura. Though the actual "sightseeing" isn't much, the scenic city itself provides a pleasant introduction to Spain's Basque Country. And as a culinary capital of Spain — with many local restaurants getting international attention — competition is tight to dish up some of the top tapas anywhere.