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Luzern has long been Switzerland's tourism capital. Situated on the edge of a lake, with a striking alpine panorama as a backdrop, Luzern was a regular stop on the "Grand Tour" route of Europe during the Romantic era, entertaining visitors such as Mark Twain, Goethe, and Queen Victoria. And with a charming old town, a pair of picture-perfect wooden bridges, a gaggle of fine museums, and its famous weeping lion, there's still enough in Luzern to earn it a place on any Swiss itinerary. Luzern also makes a fine home base for exploring the surrounding region, with wide variety of boat trips, mountain lifts, and other excursions to choose from.

At a Glance

Luzern and Central Switzerland at a Glance

▲▲ Luzern Pretty, pristine lakeside city boasting excellent museums, painted bridges, and a handful of historic sights.

▲▲ Lake Luzern Oddly shaped lake at the very heart of Switzerland, traversed by vintage steamships and surrounded by steep hillsides, gravity-defying villages, and snowy peaks.

Mount Pilatus Craggy mountain hunkering south of Luzern, with sublime views, luge ride, ropes course, and a range of hiking options.

Mount Rigi Long ridge across the lake from (and east of) Luzern, famous for its sunrise vistas and Europe's first cogwheel train.

Fortress Fürigen Underground bunker southeast of Luzern giving you a peek at Switzerland's hidden defense system.



  • Luxurious Luzern
  • Chapel Bridge, Luzern, Switzerland